Tila-ääniteos Capsule 2002

The Space-sound installation Capsule 2002

The space-sound installation "Capsule" in the tower of the Kuopio museum 27.3.-30.4.2002. The earliest Bronze age mirrors in China and in Europe were polished metal plates. Romans had small mirrors made of glass, invented by Phoenicians, but this kind of mirror didn`t come to public use until The Middle ages. The back glass of a plain mirror is silver-plated. The mirror, smooth and shiny, reflects the ray of light and creates a picture, which is on the other side of the mirror in a symmetrical point. The things are same size on the both sides of the mirror and they are also the right side up in the symmetrical positions relative to the mirror. But, what about the artwork. It is a space (and in the same time nonentity), which includes the space where the spectator is and the reflecting space of a mirror, which is not really existing but only seen. In this installation I use the architecture of the tower as a main part. But the question is not only of the physical space and the space experience, but the deeper experience of the existence of the psycho physical human body in the world. As a child I wondered where the voice of the radio is coming from. My parents were joking, that there is small people inside the radio. As well I wondered about the reflecting picture of the mirror, although I understood what the picture was, but not how it was possible. I tried to peep inside the radio as well as behind the mirror. When I was a bit older I took the round mirror from the wall and I held it in my arms so that I could see the ceiling when I walked around the rooms. The walking was exciting like a walk on the air. It was thrilling to imagine to fall suddenly into the mirror. The installation recalls also the memories of the walks on the ice of the lake and the tension and fear of the possibility to fall through and the silent plate smooth lake without any wave on the surface in the summer. The artwork is always an integrated whole where the conscious and the unconscious memories meet the thoughts of life, truth, entity, presence and death. How stable is the bottom we stand. Is it only illusion and fancy or vision, is it real or is it existing at all. We feel the paradox of our world as a mixture of the physical and the imaginary. The installation is a physical space, but also a metaphor to the contemporary individual and to the whole world. The social changes and the changes of the world policy has an intention to make the world more stable, but actually it is coursing unsteadiness, fear and anxiety. Many people have the feeling like standing on the emptiness.

Kari Juutilainen